Managing Devices

Patron Media is proud to offer different solutions to businesses who wants to manage Patron Digital Chargers. Purchase devices for you location and let Patron Media help you on the back end updating content and service the devices physical health. Don’t want to purchase but want to offer your customers Patron Digital Chargers to have easy access to chargers in your location? Let Patron Media manage the content, you just lease the devices!


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Lease Patron Digital Chargers


Leasing devices is easy with Patron Media. Supply your guests with an easy, convenient digital charger where you can have up to 5 Slides of your own for specials and events promotion. Out, On, and Working Patron Media handles the rest.

  • 5 Ads of your choice.

  • Customer Service for device physical upkeep.

  • Content update support.

  • $10/ Device minimum of 10 to start lease agreement.

Patron Media is proud to offer custom fit plans for purchasing Patron Digital Chargers. Contact a sales expert today so we can learn about your business and find the best solution for you!

Patron Digital Chargers

Quantity MUST BE a MINIMUM of TEN (10) Patron Digital Chargers to qualify for leasing opportunities. After 10 you may choose the quantity for your location.

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