For too long, advertising has been stagnant. For companies that wanted to embrace advertising, they have only had limited channels: print, television, radio, or billboards. Although digital marketing has enabled brands to advertise online, many still want to reach their audiences in the real world.

Patron Media is changing the game.

With Patron Media’s digital display, advertising is—literally—put back in the hands of brands, as well as the consumers they want to reach. Our tabletop displays bring your brand to life in restaurants, bars, medical offices, automotive shops, and any other location where your potential customers are captive and engaged.


Patron Media is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based digital advertising firm. The company has enjoyed rapid growth, with dozens of advertisers and locations.

Patron Media is expanding beyond Phoenix into the entire state of Arizona, nationally in the entire US and beyond to the broader global market.




You no longer have to invest millions of dollars to put ads on television or radio. No more wasting money hoping that your ideal customers will pick up the newspaper and read your ad. Now, you’re in control. Patron Media enables you to choose the locations where you place your ads to gain the most traction. And you can customize and change them to meet your needs. Plus, you get all of this for a budget-friendly investment that is going to give you a return that can change your business.



If you are already using paper materials for advertising, such as table tents, you know they can get soiled, ripped, or thrown away. And without even getting the impact you wanted! With Patron Media’s digital display, it sits front and center on the table or bar, ready to capture your guests’ interest. They’ll see your displays along with those of brands that complement yours, keeping them engaged and interested.